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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Some Pictures from the Mission

TJ just sent us an SD card, so we have some pictures to share of the past several months!

Elder Roestenburg and TJ - October 2011

Elder Roestenburg and TJ

Patterson, California

Patterson, California

Elder Coleman and TJ--dressed for the cold air of November 21, 2011

Zone Conference  -November 23, 2011

Patterson, California

Turkey Bowl??  How about Mud Rugby Bowl!!  Thanksgiving Day with the Patterson Ward. 

This is Elder Melanson tackling a Tongan.  Elder Melanson said it must have helped to be older!

The Muddy Crew with the Patterson Ward Bishop.
TJ is the muddy faced missionary in the top right!

Fire Hose Cleaning System

Patterson, California

Elder Coleman and Elder Melanson with the Tongan Boys

Elder Melanson saying goodbye to some favorite families  - November 30, 2011

Can you believe this is I-5?  If I headed north, I could be home!!

More favorite families in Patterson, California

Learning how to fix a washing machine!

Elder Melanson - the true missionary look!

A favorite investigator in Patterson

Making tortillas with Sister Lopez

Saying goodbye to Patterson

A real conquistador hat that a favorite investigator let me try on!

A street in Modesto that reminds TJ of home!

Elder Zanudo and TJ playing UNO with a family on New Year's Eve!