May 2011 to May 2013

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Hot Week

So this week has been a super hot one. I think I have decided that Portland is a lot better than I thought it was before my mission.

On Saturday, we met this really cool guy and his father and brother-in-law. They had talked to missionaries in the past, just in passing like what we were doing. We just rode by them and started talking to them. The father-in-law started by just kinda shooing us off, but the really cool guy, Franky, wanted to listen to us because he had always thought Mormons were weird and wanted to really find out what we were all about. We talked to him about the Book of Mormon, what us missionaries do, and shot down funny myths about the LDS church. In the end, Franky and his father-in-law were both interested about talking to us more. Especially Franky, so that was way cool to see! Just a quick story for the week. Have a great week everyone and a good summer!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Book of Mormon Brings Joy

This week has been a super good week. I had a really good Fourth of July. It was much improved from the one at the MTC. We actually got to see fireworks and watch the festivities. That was nice and fun.

Missionary work wise this area is really starting to cruise. We have been finding a lot of people who are ready for the gospel. We have one lady we just found who is ready to be baptized super soon. She is an aunt of some members. The work goes so much faster when the members are helping out.

One of the really cool guys we met this week is named Jose. He is an older guy and we met him and started talking to him about the Book of Mormon. He got way interested, but he cannot read the small font of the Book of Mormons we give out. So, we went to the apartment and got him a big one, with really big writing. This book is bigger than most of your lap tops. It is big. He could read it, and then, before we could explain much, we had to go to another appointment. We came back yesterday and talked to him about this book. He is so excited about it. He was even excited when he thought it was a book to replace the Bible, but when he found out we use both the Book of Mormon and the Bible, he got way excited. This is so good to see the blessings of the Book of Mormon and the joy it brings into people’s lives.

Another Amazing Week

This week has been another amazing week. We were able to see another person better his life and come unto Christ through baptism this week. That was way cool.

I now have another new companion, Elder Castillo. He is from Florida. He is super cool and super funny. The best part about him is he is always bearing testimony. It brings such a power.

We have been talking to everyone on the street and we have found some pretty great people. We came across three field workers resting in the sun after a long day a work. We were again carrying the Book of Mormon with us and we talked to them about this new book of scripture.  One of the men was so excited and wanted to know more. 

It is weird I can barely remember what life was like before my mission. It is such a great experience going and serving the Lord.

My Spanish is coming along. I am alright at it, but still not all the way comfortable with the language. My accent is pretty bad, but I am working on it real hard. So hopefully I will have it down by the end of my mission.