May 2011 to May 2013

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Love It Here!

My week has been great. I love my new area. It is the best!! I don’t think I have loved an area as much as this one. It just feels like I am supposed to be here and it is home. It is a really cool feeling! O, also, we just got word that I will now be in a trio starting tomorrow. One of the elders had to go home for surgery and now he is coming back and he will be with Elder Zanudo and me.

It was kinda weird just moving to a different part of the same congregation (still in Modesto on the west side, just the "other part" of the west side). It is cool because I get to see the people I got to know over there still. But it was a weird switch because we got doubled into an area with my same companion and sisters are now in my old area. It is really kinda weird, but I like it. 

Tuesday and Wednesday were my last days in my old area. They went alright, but it was definitely an adventure. Wednesday we moved into the new apartment and it was a mess, like huge pig sty status, so we spent a while cleaning and then we unpacked some of our stuff, went to a service project, and finally, that night, got our first night in the new area. It was definitely confusing. I was super glad Elder Zanudo has a GPS or we would be getting super lost.

So we have already seen miracles in the new area. We started talking to former investigators and we were able to set a date with one of the guys on the first lesson. He was talking about how he wanted and needed to get baptized. So that was pretty nice. We also met the people who we have lined up for baptism. It is really exciting right now. We have 7 people who are getting ready for their dates to get baptized. It is super cool. One of is a family of 4, that I love already. They are so excited about learning more. You can tell they feel something they have never felt before. It is awesome to see. The branch is also 100% behind us; which is super nice.

So I had some funny experiences on Saturday. One, we met this guy who is super well read on Mormon lit. And he goes around bashing Mormons and their faith, in a nice and loving way. He has read Discourses of Brigham Young and everything. So that was pretty funny. Later that day, we met a Jewish Portuguese guy who is Catholic. How that works, I am not sure. But he was super, super Catholic, like no Mexican I have ever seen before. And Mexicans love their Catholic Church, almost more than their kids.

On Sunday we had a really exciting adventure after dinner. We got a flat tire. And pulled over in our suits to go and change it. That was super fun.

So that is my first week in my favorite area so far. All I can say is I love it here (I would never live here, but it is super cool to serve here).