May 2011 to May 2013

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Lord Sees to the Heart

On Monday, we had a lesson with Malissa and Daisy. It was so good! It is cool to watch them come closer to Christ with their whole family.

I went out tracting on Tuesday, which we have not done all transfer. We found a couple of good people, but the problem was that the most of them spoke English, so we gave them to the English Elders. We met one guy whose name was Rishard Johnson, a black guy who loved what we were talking about. His dad is a preacher and all. It was super funny, but cool because he was interested, and we just found him walking on the street.

Also, that day, we went to go visit the family who just randomly came to church. No one invited them or anything. Come to find out, the father was a member. He was baptized 10 years ago and then went inactive. We are now teaching his family and they love church and are faithfully coming again. It is so cool to see how the Lord works.

This week I got a spiritual slap on the face. We were teaching a lesson to this guy and his girlfriend. They were dirty and older, just very unkept, and not the people at all that I would expect to get baptized. But we invited them to get baptized and they accepted. They will have to change a few habits, but that is alright. That we can do. It just shows me that the Lord sees to the heart; as men, we often just see the outside. It was definitely a good lesson to learn.