May 2011 to May 2013

Monday, January 2, 2012

My Week in Mo Town

This week has been full of funny stories and it all started on Tuesday. We went to a lesson and this lady we are teaching (who is very Catholic, she says all the time that she believes in her Virgin Mary) said that we deserved to be happy and we should go get girl friends. That is the first time in my life that girl friend = guarantied happiness. But, o well, it was definitely funny.

On Thursday we had an interesting day. At first, no one was home, then we swung it around and had 3 straight lessons before dinner. And they were all standing up; my feet heart after that, but it was alright. That night was pretty good. It just showed me if you keep pushing through, it always ends up better or at least working out.

We had another productive day on Friday, which was good because Saturday we played soccer all morning, and during the night, we could not be out because it was New Year’s Eve.

Sunday was a super cool day. For one, a family came to the church without anyone inviting them or anything, which was super cool. Then at church, one of our investigators invited us over to dedicate her house.  We said ok and went over right after church. We are welcomed by a ton of people, music, food, in other words, a party and we are super confused. But we are told to sit down and eat. So I broke my fast early and ate. The whole time I was thinking that we were invited to give a blessing on the house, not to a New Year’s party. Finally, after we are done eating and the kids start dancing, the investigator stands up, pauses the party, thanks everyone for being here for the blessing of her house!?!?! It was a party to dedicate her house!?! Mexicans make a party out of everything. Oh and this investigator is more active than most of the members. Back to the story, we gave a blessing on the house, said thanks for having us over, said bye and left. But it was super weird.

Ya, so that has been my week in Mo town.