May 2011 to May 2013

Monday, October 31, 2011

We won the TP Mummy Race!

This week we had Zone Conference. It was super good. Elder Koliker, of the Seventy, came to speak to us, which was really good. He talked about prayer and how important prayer is to help people learn the truth of the Gospel and to be truly converted to Christ, both for investigators and for missionaries/members. It was super good!

That night, we had a team up with a member of the Spanish Branch. He is super funny and a good guy who knows a lot about the church. But he thinks he knows too much to go to church all the time. We went to go visit a few people. We got 1 good lesson in to an investigator and a couple in to less active members. On the street, there are huge divots and he hit one of them way too fast and hit the front and back of his car on the road. We (Elder Coleman and I) were super scared and laughing super hard. He is a crazy driver; I thought we might die!

I also went on an exchange to Ceres with Elder Burnett. We had a good time. We sporadically helped someone move and talked to lots of people. Saturday night was way fun. We went to a ward activity where there were a few non-members. Elder Coleman and I got roped into a pie eating contest. It was real pie. I ate 2 pieces of pumpkin pie; I was supposed to eat 3 big pieces as fast as I could. I could not compete with President Barrios, the Branch President; he won. Then Elder Coleman and I beat all the Youth at a TP mummy race!!

Sunday night, we went on a team up with Troy (a new member, he is 25). It was super cool to see him love missionary work and love being with us. He asked if he could go out with us again the very next day. We taught 3 non-member lessons with him in 3 hours, so that was way fun!!