May 2011 to May 2013

Monday, October 3, 2011

Experiences of Testimony

It has been a good week in California once again. I got a letter from Ryan and he is in the ghetto part of LA, while I am in the farm land of Modesto, two completely different worlds and yet we are in the same state, and doing the same thing. It is kinda funny.

Well, a week ago I was sending a voice message to the zone leaders and I am so glad that they spoke Spanish because I could not for the life of me remember the word for card in English. All I could remember was tarjeta, the Spanish word for card. The same thing happened for the word pamphlet.

This week I had an exchange with Elder Carasco from Mexico. It was really cool to be with a native speaker and he knew how to bring the Spirit with his testimony so well. It was a great example to me.

Wednesday night was a very interesting night. At about 6pm, we went to go set up for a surprise birthday party for the Branch President. We had to leave before the food was served, so we did not get dinner that night. But that was alright, we were off to a Bible study with one of our investigators. It was so interesting to go. But I got super bored about half way through when they were discussing if the Holy Spirit is in everyone and how people can be perfect because they don’t have the Holy Spirit and how can they never sin. We were reading in 1 John, the end of Chapter 2 and beginning 3. It was interesting to see how much a modern-day prophet helps out and makes thing clear! I am so glad we have a modern prophet today and we had the opportunity to listen to him this last weekend.

Well, we had our first ATM (awake the members/missionaries) lesson. These are lessons to members about having them become friends to more people and eventually leading them to baptism.  It went pretty well. It is an interesting program our mission president instituted. 

This week I figured out that the Book of Mormon is pretty much the only way anyone gains a testimony of the Church. I have now seen both ways. One person does not have a testimony of anything and is confused. She does not read the Book of Mormon. We are getting her to read and gain a testimony for herself. Another lady who does not read very well and can’t understand what she reads had a powerful experience this week. She read 4 pages in the Book of Mormon and did not understand a thing. So she read some in the Bible and still did not understand a thing. So she prayed to Heavenly Father and asked Him if He could help her understand the scriptures. God answered her prayer. A few minutes after her prayer, she picked up the Bible and understood every word! And she said it was great; the words of God were wonderful. It strengthened my testimony in the Book of Mormon. 

Saturday and Sunday I spent mostly watching conference. It was great. It was also interesting to see how when your life changes, all the talks still apply to you, just in a changed way. It was cool to see. I also went up to this rich little community called Diablo Grande. It was really cool. We had dinner with a member up there in the Goldern, aka brown hills.

Ya, so it has been a good week. Have fun. Don’t miss a moment because you will never get it back.