May 2011 to May 2013

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Third Time's a Charm

This week has been a really good week. So we found a new investigator. She is a single Tongan lady, Mele. I don’t know if I mentioned her in my last letter. She is really cool. She wants to be Mormon, but her family is all super Catholic, so she is scared of being disowned by her family right now because she does not have a job. She also has a sister that converted to the LDS church and she got disowned for 2 years. So ya, it is kinda hard. We taught her on Monday, so that was good. She is super nice and smart.

On the way back from District Meeting in Turlock, we carpooled with another set of Elders and the one driving tried to take a short cut. We were out in the farmlands for a good 45 min. It was definitely a long cut.

So Tuesday I had my first meal where I was like “do I really have to eat this.” It was nasty. It is a soup called Pasuli (I think is how you spell it). It has some kind of beans and then you stick a whole pig in it, bones, fat, and meat. So ya, I was eating a lot of pig fat and spitting out a lot of picked bone. It was not very good. The liquid part of the soup was not bad, but the pig part was nasty!!! You also put cabbage and onion on the top, which redeemed it a little, but it was still nasty!

Also on Tuesday, we had Daniel’s interview for baptism. He did fine. I was a little scared because he sometimes just makes up weird answers if he does not know the answer. It is kinda funny.

On Wednesday we were finalizing baptism stuff and we started teaching a family of five. The dad’s name is Raphael. They are a good family. Hopefully I get to tell you more about them later.

Thursday was a great day. Daniel was baptized and a new convert got to baptize him. He got scared and forgot what we told him to do when he got in the water, then baptized him three times. The first time Daniel did not go all the way under, then the next time, he did not say the prayer correctly again. The next time was good, but he took Daniel in face first, not backwards like normal. It worked, but it was just the first time I have ever seen that.

On Thursday, we also had a great lesson with an old Mexican man who loves the word in English "shut up." It is kinda of funny. He can speak English too, but he just likes that word. He is excited to learn more about the Church and asks lots of questions. He is trying to find the true church he says.

Friday we taught Mele again and taught a less active family and talked with Yolanda. Yolanda loves having us come over, the Pan (bread) dealer came by and she bought us some sweat bread, which was way nice!  Yolanda is one of our really good investigators.