May 2011 to May 2013

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Great to Brighten Someone's Day

Last Saturday, we made a trip to Grayson and Westly, the two small towns in my area. Westly I have been to before. It is a small Mexican town of about 700 people; Grayson is a little bigger, but only has one store, period. Grayson is a bit nicer; it is kinda like a neighborhood in the middle of nowhere. It is a fun city. We found a couple of good people in Grayson and a few families who are inactive in the Spanish branch, who will become active as soon as harvest season is done.

On Saturday, we went to a Taco Bus. We ate in a bus that was decked out with like a bar on a bus. It was pretty cool.

Sunday night we were going to one of our investigators. We knew they were trying to move, but didn’t realize it was tonight until we drove to their house and saw the moving trucks pulling away.  Since we did not know where they were moving, we decided to follow them. That was a funny night. They thought we were creepers until we got out of the car dressed as missionaries.  We helped them move some big things, then we went home because it was 9 o’clock. It was a very out of the blue thing that changed up the day. But it was good we followed them so we knew where they lived.

Monday, I got my new companion, Elder Coleman, from Memphis, Tennessee. He is super cool. We have a lot in common and will get along great.  Our first day out in Patterson was a long day of riding around and not teaching anyone, but we got a lesson in at the very last part of the day. We finally found a couple of our investigators that were home. It was great. We had a good lesson with them and went home happy.

Well, Tuesday was about the same thing. People were not home, but we did get a couple of bright lights. We found an investigator that is never home. She was so glad to see us. It is great when you can brighten someone’s day by just seeing them. We then ran into a member and she told us some super cool miracles that she has seen in her life. So that was really cool.

Wednesday was cool because there was a bio about my mission president on BYU TV and I got to watch it with an investigator. It was great for the investigator because he could see that the leaders of our church are just normal people that have normal lives. Other than that is was kinda a slow day.  

Thursday, yet again, was a day where all of the appointments fell through. We had good lessons in the morning but at night there was nothing, even though we had appointments straight through the day.

Elder Coleman and I are really getting along well. He is a great guy. Missionary work is so much fun. Even when you are down, you are up; that is what is great about it.

Saturday, we had an appointment with our Tongan investigator and went to Grayson for an appointment and a dinner, then came back to Patterson for our second dinner. It was my first day on the mission with 2 dinners! It was good, but I was so full after both meals. I could not move. We drove the car for the rest of the day.

Sunday was a good Sunday. We had a couple lessons and it made up for a slow week. We had unexpected lesson, which was great!!