May 2011 to May 2013

Monday, October 10, 2011

Teaching Sunday School in Spanish

Well, last Monday we had a deep clean of the apartment because it was dirty and my companion likes things clean. So I thought he and I could clean the apartment real well. Come to find out, he likes things clean, but does not really know how to really clean. So I cleaned most of the apartment, but o well. It was fun and it made me feel good after doing it. It was nice to be in a clean apartment.

On Monday, we also ran into Antonio's brother, Eric. He is just as cool as Antonio. They both want to be taught; the hard part is finding them at home. They are always working or out doing something.

Daniel is well along his way to baptism. We have taught him everything he needs and his baptism is on Thursday, right before transfers on Monday.

Tuesday night in rained, so our Wednesday morning run felt just like Portland, a humid chilly day with puddles and clouds and all. It was kinda weird that whole day. It was raining on and off, just like Portland. It was like I was back home with the same exact weather. During one of the good dump downs, we found a new investigator because he let us into his house, because he felt bad leaving us in the rain. It is funny how God works in bringing people to the truth. His name is Pedro. We have only taught him once. He was not there for our appointment, so we are going to check his house later this week.  

Elder Roestenburg and I have been able to start reactivating the Spanish Branch. We are working on 3 families and they were all at church this last Sunday; so that was really good. On Saturday, we got a referral to Mele, a Tongan girl who wants to come to church, but she just moved. She knows the missionaries in the bay area, but then have not really started teaching her ,so we are going to start teaching her. She is living at her brother’s house. He is really Catholic.

Yesterday, I had the great opportunity of teaching Sunday school in Spanish and giving a talk in Spanish; both went very well. During the lesson, I know mostly what was going on, but I can tell you that it is very hard to teach a lesson in a language you barely know. And my talk was about what I learned at General Conference, which was very good. I focused on the talks about prayer and personal revelation.

I had my first new food on my mission, but it really was not that interesting, just artichoke. I had it Sunday dinner. I was surprised when I started to eat it and realized I did not know how to eat it because I had never had it. Funny. You think that somewhere in my life I would have had artichoke. But no. It was good. It just took a lot of work to get to the good part.