May 2011 to May 2013

Monday, November 7, 2011

Love Being Busy

Halloween was a very exciting day. We got locked up in the apartment for the night because we could not go do missionary work; it was really weird not doing anything for a night.

This week we also had a street contacting challenge. We met some really weird people, but it was good because it got all of us missionaries to talk to everyone. We met some really good people too.

On Tuesday night, we went on a team up with a new member. It was super cool. The team up was not going as planned, so the new member, while driving, started saying a prayer. It was definitely a testimony builder on prayer for me. The very next person we visited let us into their house. And we got into almost every single house after that. It was super cool.

Wednesday was the busiest day I have ever had on my mission thus far. We were booked from 10 am to 8 pm with appointments. It was great! I love being busy like that. It is so much more fun than trying to find something more to do because nobody is home, and you did not plan enough people to go and visit, and nobody is in the street to talk to.

Thursday was a day planned with almost no appointments and it became a day full of teaching opportunities, which was great! Those are the best days, where nothing turns into everything.

We had a surprise investigator come to church yesterday. It was great. We were not expecting this family to come to church, but one of the members brought them along!! Sometimes the members can do so much more then the missionaries.

My companion and I are getting along great. We definitely have our laughs and inside jokes. He is a great companion. Spanish is coming slowly, it has seemed like it is coming really slowly this week. I am waiting for it to just click. One day it will. Sometimes I understand so much and other times, I understand nothing. It is the same way with speaking it. I guess I just need to practice.