May 2011 to May 2013

Monday, November 28, 2011

Moving to Modesto on Wednesday

This week has been a really good week. God is really helping this area. There are three good families who are getting close to baptism, and then some other investigators as well. It is great to see how the Lord works and guides His work. It is great to be a part of it.

Wednesday, I had one of the most spiritual lessons I have ever been a part of. The Spirit was pounding in the room. It was at a member’s house with a college kid, his member girlfriend, and her father. The testimony of the father was so powerful, and then the girlfriend bore her testimony as well. It was great to see how members help so much.

The beginning of the week was missionary work as normal, with no big excitement, but at the end of the week the fun came. For Thanksgiving, we had two dinners set up and then another family bringing us dinner when we got back to the apartment! The first family we visited was a cook; the food there was really good. They are also a way cool family to hang out with so we had a great time. We were kinda full after going there. Then, we went to an investigator family, a Tongan family, so we ate a lot more.  We ate some Tongan food, along with the traditional American Thanksgiving food. We came back to apartment rolling home. And we stayed full because the next night we ate dinner with another Tongan family in the ward. They fed us a lot again.

Friday was a really fun day because I got to go play in the turkey bowl with a lot of the Tongan boys. The Tongan boys and I have become good friends. I hope because of the example I have set that they will all choose to go on missions, because they see that it is fun and you get to learn a lot. The boys really look up to the good missionaries.  So back to the turkey bowl, we were playing with Polynesian's and they play Rugby, not football. So, we played Rugby in the mud out at the Church farm. They dumped tons of water on some nice clean dirt to make it really muddy. We all played Rugby. It was so much fun!! I tackled a Tongan, so I was proud of myself. They said I could pass for a Tongan because of all the mud on my face. Ha-ha.

Sunday, we got the opportunity to teach the Priests about missionary work, so I think I am leaving Patterson helping others to GO on their missions.

I am being transferred to Modesto on Wednesday. I am super excited!! I will be serving in the same city where my grandpa served his mission.  It will be an all Spanish area so that will be way fun!! My companion and I will be covering the whole city, with one more set of Elders, in Spanish. So I will just be speaking Spanish, which should help my Spanish a lot. It is a bit sad to leave Patterson and the people I have met here, but that is the way of the missionary. My new companion is from Mexico. So that will be good for my language training too! I am real excited.