May 2011 to May 2013

Monday, February 27, 2012

A New Area: Madera

I am now here in Madera. It is a city that is about double or triple the size of Patterson. My area encompasses about half the city and we are on bikes. I have had lots of funny stories here in Madera so far.
My new companion is from Ohio and his name is Elder Rodger. 
On Saturday, I went on a mini exchange. Elder Rodger blew his tire while going to dinner and he tried to fix it. The tire did not fix, so we were on foot on Sunday. That was interesting because we had one appointment, and so we walked most of the way there and got a ride the rest of the way. Then we walked part of the way to dinner and got a ride the rest of the way. So, I have had a good work out the rest of the week.
Madera is good. We have found a lot of people. We have spent hours just contacting everyone we see. I have met so many people so far. I am having fun here.