May 2011 to May 2013

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baptisms and Transfers: Moving to Madera

There is this family we are teaching who just loves having us come over. They always feed us, so we have had lots of second dinners. One time we came over for a little bit to remind them of a lesson we had at the church. Then as we left they said we should come back over if our next appointments fall through, which they did. So when we went back over and they saw us through the window, the two little girls faces lit up and the mom screamed (that part was kinda scary). They are going to be baptized next week. I just love this family.

The work here in Modesto is really taking off. It is super cool to see. We have another guy who is very humble and very nice. He is going to be baptized next week, too.

I am hoping that I can come back for the baptisms because I am being transferred to Madera, kind of close to Fresno.  I will just miss the baptisms.

That has been my week. It is super funny because the longer I am on my mission, the more everything just blends together. It is a really interesting moment in time.