May 2011 to May 2013

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our Best Lesson

Well on last Wednesday, Elder West and I taught our best lesson we have ever taught. It was at the TRC, so it was in English about the plan of salvation. For the first time we taught an equal amount and I did not control the whole lesson. It was great!! It was such a good feeling to teach a good lesson.
One of our progressive investigators dropped us on Thursday. He asked about polygamy the time before and he was just in a mood where he wanted to prove us wrong, so we did not answer the way we wanted. So he kicked us out. It was a great learning experience. I now know what to do if that stuff comes up again. I went on a run on Friday with a couple of elders from my district. We just spoke Spanish. It was a good confidence builder and really taught me a lot. We played a Jeopardy game on Saturday with one of our teachers. It was way fun!!

I love Sundays. It is a great study day!! I studied faith this week. It was great. I love studying the gospel. It is something I have definitely learned to love. On Monday, we had service. The mission presidents are coming today, so we had special cleaning. We first put up the flags for all the nations. Then we scrubbed bricks. Very interesting service. I thought they only cleaned bricks in prison. Haha jk it was fun. We had a sub teacher 2 months of the mish. It was great. His testimony was so inspiring. He made me so pumped to go teach the Latin people. They are a great people and I have already started to love them.

We got our new progressive investigator from Hermano Kohn. His name is Jonathan. It is cool. I like him a lot better. He is in a band and has lots of questions.

Yesterday was a great day. Hermano Johnson was very inspirational. He is such a great guy and a great teacher. The devo was amazing. It got me ready to go serve the Lord and walk with the Lord, always ready to open my mouth, so He can fill my mouth with His words.

Well, that’s my week.