May 2011 to May 2013

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I have had a great time here at the MTC. It has been super fun, but really hard!  I had a great day on Sunday! The fireside was amazing it really made me want to be here! After the fireside I went up to go watch a talk by Elder Holland. It was the most inspirational talk I have ever listened to! Every feeling of wanting to come home washed away. Everybody had new energy that next day.  I am working way hard, but it is hard because my district is one of those talking ones, not one of the study ones, so that is hard.  But I pray that it will get better and I will be able to study hard even with distractions.

The first day in the MTC was like jumping into a cold lake we jumped right into learning Spanish. That was super hard. Now I can understand some of it and I can speak a lot of it! But not enough to really communicate. Haha. It is coming slowly but surely. We started of learning how to pray and bare my testimony. Now I can introduce myself and can a TINY conversation. The days are all the pretty much the same. I wake up then have personal study, then breakfast, than, personal study, then class, than, lunch than more class then language study than dinner, than, a language lab, than and gym.  I always play basketball of course. There are some pretty good players.

I have definitely learned the power of prayer. I have never prayed so much in my whole life. I pray for everything.

The devotional the other day was ok, it was Bro. Packer, Elder Packer’s son, he was kinda dry, but had some good things to say. He had us realize that not everything goes our way, no matter how much faith we have.

I taught my first door contact in Spanish it was hard. I understood a lot but I could not say much. I will be teaching the first lesson later today. And another door contact. It is super exciting to be able to do that. We are learning a lot here.

Love you so much and miss you!!
Thank you so much for your support and prayers!!
Love, Elder Melanson