May 2011 to May 2013

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Visalia, My New Area

Week of 11/6/2012:

It has been a very interesting week. The goodbyes were hard with lots of people, but I felt like when I left, I left doing the things I was called to do. I left with a very good feeling that I made a difference there. I left it with over 20 investigating families, which was great!! I am pretty sure they should have a couple baptisms this next month. I am now here in Visalia. My area is an English area. My companion is from El Salvador, but he moved to the US about 10 years ago. He now lives in New Jersey.
I am on the east part of Visalia from Pinkam east, so it should be exciting. It is a great ward and I really like it here. It is probably the strongest ward I have been in so far. Right now the work is kinda slow. I came in to the area with very little investigating families. So again, I am called to find, it is what I love to do.
This week we were able to find an awesome person. There is a really strong recent convert family, and his sister just moved in with them. We started to teach her just last Saturday, about 1 day after she moved in. She had heard a little about the church from her family but had lots of questions. She says she is not a very religious person, and really had not prayed very often. Our first lesson was really good. We segued really well into the lesson from just normal chit chat. And taught about the restoration. She liked it because no one had really ever explained religion like that to her. We gave her a Book of Mormon and told her to read it. We came back on Monday and she had some questions about The Book of Mormon and prayer, so we answered those questions and left her the challenge to read book of Enos int he Book of Mormon, along with the invitation to pray. Elder Flores and I can both tell that she really wants to know. She is a very prepared person which is very good! It is awesome to see the Lord put people in our path to teach!