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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Getting to Know the Members

Week of 11/27/2012:

This week has been a good teaching week, but we have not seen many of our investigators because of the Thanksgiving weekend and a lot of them were out of town. This Thanksgiving time did allow a really good time to get to know a lot of the members, which was awesome.
The sister I have been telling you about got baptized on Saturday. It was very good baptism. Everyone was happy to be there. She was super happy because she had been waiting for so long to be baptized. 
Thanksgiving was full of good food. We stopped by a fair amount of families. A lot of the ward was out of town, along with our investigators, so that was a little disappointing, but it all ended up ok. Our mission right now is focusing a lot about trying to do missionary work the Lord’s way and not our way. It has been really cool to see how the Lord provides people to teach and work with.
The ward here is super good. It is probably the first ward that reminds me of the wards that I have grown up in. I have seen being on my mission that I have grown up in very strong wards and stake. It really helps. Some of the wards out here have to rely on the missionaries so much.

With all the new missionaries coming out what is happening to the Portland mission? How many new missionaries are coming in? Here in Fresno we are getting 60 to 75 new missionaries in the next couple transfers, most of them will be sisters.