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Thursday, December 27, 2012

People Change and Things Change People

Week of 12/11/2012:

So the news for the week is that I am getting transferred again. I am completely split on this one. I am excited because I am going back to a Spanish area, but so many good things are happening in this ward and there are so many good member families here. It was really a cool thing to be here for a while. It showed me that English work can blossom just as well as Spanish work. I will miss some of the families I have taught here for sure. I am going back up North again to a city west of Modesto and Turlock called Hughson. So that should be fun. 

Here is a fun story for the week. So two weeks ago we were biking around talking to everybody we saw and we ended up talking to this guy who was putting up his Christmas lights. He said that he had talked with missionaries before and they had helped him out one time, so that was the first good experience we had with him as missionaries. He says he talks to missionaries about every 6 months or so. He told us to come back in a few days (that landed on a Wednesday) so we came back to talk with him. He welcomed us in. He is a very nice guy. We talked to him about lots of different things. He said that he was in a time in his life right now that he is willing to listen and learn, and that before he did not talk to the missionaries because he thought that his ideas could never be changed. We had an amazing lesson with him. We taught the Restoration lesson and it was super good. Throughout the whole thing we focused on the family and how the prophets help families and the gospel helps families and the Book of Mormon helps families. It was so cool. When we read 3 Nephi 18:21, it really struck him and he felt the spirit so strong reading that. It was so cool to see that people change, and that one day it will not be the right day for someone, but then in a month it might be. People change and things change people. That was the coolest thing to see with this guy, that he was at a time in his life that he was really changed and ready to receive the message of the restoration.
So this Sunday it was just about a miracle. We almost had 13 people at church. But we only had 7, which is still really cool. One of my favorite families finally came to church and they really liked it. It was so cool. There were talks that were just perfect for them. It was again awesome to see how the Lord works.

Another favorite family just about came to church as well. They are an amazing family. It will be sad not to see them being baptized (because I am being transferred), but it was cool to have an opportunity to teach them and help them along their way. We had another really cool lesson with them yesterday. It is so powerful when a family of 7 is all sitting and learning about the message of the restoration. And even the 7 year old is participating and teaching the parents how to pray. For the last few lessons it has just been the kids praying, but this time the parents prayed and the little 7 and 11 year old kids were helping them out and telling them what to say. It was so cool to see that. They are a very close family and will be a great family in the church.