May 2011 to May 2013

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dogs are Sent from God ...

Week of 11/21/12

It has been a super good week and a half, full of a ton of things. The Lord has really blessed this area. We are finding those people that are ready for the gospel.

We found an awesome family this past week. Last week, we were riding our bikes around. We had just got out of a lesson and saw this lady walking her dog. I think dogs are sent from God to make it possible for missionaries to find white people walking around outside their houses.
We stopped and talked to this lady. She was going to the park with her daughter, who was a ways in front riding her bike. We talked a little with her about the church and our message. We asked if we could come visit her and her family and she said that would be great!
We stopped by at the designated time of Thursday. We were a little late because of the rain. I was a bit scared being a little late. I don't like being late when other people are counting on you. But it all worked out. She had forgotten we were coming by until moments earlier. She let us right in. As we walked in, her husband grabbed a thing of chew and asked his wife, "So what did you sign us up for again?" The wife said, "O they are just coming to share a little message about Jesus Christ." He seemed to feel ok about that and had us sit down and asked us if we wanted any water.
We started talking to them and the whole family about family interests and family stuff. They have two kids. The husband's demeanor was changing, which was very good.  We soon turned the small talk into starting with the lesson. Saying how families are the central units of God’s plan and he gives us prophets to help us and so on. We got through all the way to Jesus’ ministry and then I was kinda scared to move on. I could tell my companion was too. He is a very religious man and knows his stuff. But the spirit kept saying you gotta talk about Joseph Smith, so we did. And that was probably the best part of the lesson. The husband really liked it because it mirrored so well the olden day church of Christ and the Hebrews. The wife liked it just because it was a good story, but she was a bit skeptical. We gave them a Book of Mormon and told them we would bring a movie about Joseph Smith next time and talk about the Book of Mormon. They really liked that and invited us to dinner as well. So that was really good. People that feed you are always prepared.
We came back yesterday. None of them had read, except the oldest son.  We watched the movie The Prophet of the Restoration, the long Joseph Smith movie. It was really good; they all loved it and it helped both of the parents understand Joseph and his life. The husband had heard a lot about his life both good and bad, so the movie had put everything into perspective.  It turned the bad things he had heard to good because he understood why it happened. So it went really well. We also explained the Book of Mormon more. They are excited to read it and would probably come to church this week if it was not Thanksgiving weekend. They are an awesome family.

The sisters are doing really well. The oldest sister is still not smoking and excited about her baptism. The sad thing is her younger sister will not be being baptized with her because their mom said no and the youngest sister needs the permission from her mom. She's still learning more about the gospel though.