May 2011 to May 2013

Monday, September 24, 2012

It Was LIke They Were Family

Hey so this week has been another good week. It has been a harder one, but it was still good! We had some of our super good investigators drop us and say they did not want to know more. It made for a really hard start to the week.

But then, Saturday things started to turn around. It started with some service. We helped a member build in some insulation in his ceiling and roof; which was way fun. We had to put up studs and insulation and drywall and everything. It was a new good experience. Then, one our investigators, who last week said he was never going to read in the Book of Mormon, decided he would read it! The day ended with dinner at the home of a great family.

 Sunday came around and we had an investigator at church!  For a long time, we have had no success getting people to church. Then, the real miracle came. There was a Spanish Fireside and this great investigator family was planning on coming, but they did not show up. So, we rode our bikes all the way across town to see why they were not there, and the old neighbors, who never visit, decided to drop in. The family said they would be late, like an hour late, so they would still be there for the food after. We just knew they had to come into the church. Their friends left a bit late, and then, they got lost in the city. The church is kinda hard to find. I ended up running to the end of the street on one side of the church. Then, they got lost all the way to the other side, so I ran to the opposite end of the street. They finally saw me. They showed up super late and the other families were all leaving, but we had told one family to stay to help us with a tour of the church. It was good thing! They got along super well together. It was awesome. They are now great friends. Also, the investigator family is hoping to come to church! And they felt super welcome because the people who were leavening all came and said hi to them! It was like they were family. I am super excited.