May 2011 to May 2013

Monday, September 10, 2012

Blessings of the Spirit

Yesterday, September 9, was a way stressful day. Elder Castillo and I had to talk in the Spanish Sacrament Meeting. I have not given a talk in a long time. The last one I gave was over a year ago, surprisingly. This was my first real talk in Spanish. I was a bit worried, but confident that I could do it. I knew that I can give a talk in English easy, but this Spanish thing kinda scared me. So I wrote a lot more out than I usually do, and there were a lot less bullet points.

When I got up to speak, God blessed me with the words and I just talked and used the outline of my talk. It was weird, because I really did not even read the parts that I had written. It was pretty much just like giving a talk in English.

My Spanish is really starting to come along. The two things that I still struggle with right now are a couple of the verb conjugations and then my vocab needs to get bigger. I have the basics; I just don’t have those cool words to use and a few times I catch myself not knowing a word. But the Lord has blessed me with it after a year of hard work. Maybe when I get home I will be fluent. It will be cool to talk with Trevor and Ryan in Spanish though; I will definitely be learning some stuff from them when I get home.

So, also on Sunday, we had to teach the Spanish Sunday School class. Elder Castillo and I did not even worry about the class; we were just working on our talks. So, we went to the class with nothing but the Spirit and the knowledge of tithing we already possess. The class went very smooth and it was really good. We were able to start up conversations and everything. So it was really good! I definitely have a heart full of gratitude right now.