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Monday, September 10, 2012

Enjoying Service in the Local Vineyards

This last week we went and rolled the grapes. So the process of picking grapes and turning them into raisins is kinda hard and it makes me extra excited for college, because there is no way that I want to be out picking grapes and whatever other fruit for a job.
Grape picking starts out with a knife and you cut the grapes off the vine and put them in a big circle tray. Then you empty the tray onto a thing of paper that is about the size of four paper towel squares. The grapes sit on the water proof paper for two weeks, then when the grapes have dried into raisins, you roll them up. Then after another week, you can box them up and ship them out.
So, if you eat a pack of Sun Maid raisins in a while, I might have picked them. If not, then I am in the area where they picked them and boxed them up. Kinda cool huh? And a lot of hard work. It was fun for a day, and I'm glad I finally got a chance to work in the vineyards.