May 2011 to May 2013

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Joining the Choir

Well this week has been a really good week, but I am so ready to get out of the MTC and start really doing missionary work. Well last week was my last week that I could go to the temple because they have it closed for cleaning. But it was a really good last session. I love the temple; it really makes my week so much better. For the TRC this week we did comp. switches. It was good, but way different; it caught me by surprise. I hope we do it again and I will be more prepared and be able to say more and be able to know what is going on the whole time. But it was a good learning experience and really fun!
Well I had my first Spanish mistake. Elder West and I were teaching our progressive investigator about baptism and he asked if he had to see God while he was in the water. We did not understand and so we said yes. Ha-ha. Ya, we had a good laugh and had to fix it up the next time. It was way funny. The teacher called us in after and told us what we had said to him. Ha-ha.

On Thursday, we had a Spanish Feast or English Fast. It was way fun and way good! But I had the biggest headache after translating for a whole day. We are doing another one tomorrow. I am excited. I am really starting to get used to the Spanish language. But I am still not very good. The verb conjugations are really hard and different.

Utah is starting to get green; the snow has almost melted from all the peaks finally!! We had snow just a month ago at the MTC. People are complaining it is way hot. I love it!!

Well Monday was probably the worst 4th of July I have ever had in my life. We did not do anything. It was just a normal day at the MTC. But I guess that is how missionary work goes. We celebrated on Saturday the 2nd, which was cool. We had a speaker talk about the US and its freedoms, and then had bagpipers. It was cool, but not a real 4th. Then we watched the Stadium of Fire fireworks from the MTC. It was alright.

We played district soccer on Friday. It was fun. I am so bad a soccer. Ha-ha. O and on Sunday we had a really good fireside. Jenny Oaks Baker came to play the violin. She is so good. It was a good thing to hear music for a change. We can't listen to music here.

Well yesterday I joined the missionary choir. It was way cool. I am not the best singer, but I am good enough for the choir. It was a good break on the normal schedule. I bet my friends are a little surprised I joined a choir. Ha-ha. We had the best fireside yet. An emeritus seventy talked about obedience and the spirit. It was the best talk I have heard here. Obedience is the key to everything.

Well I love you all!
Elder TJ Melanson