May 2011 to May 2013

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Travel Plans

Well, not much has happened in the last week. Every week is the same here in the MTC. But one more week and this next week is a little bit different. Ok, one of the few things that happened this week is a pipe burst in the bathroom at about 10:25 at night. It was way funny and everyone was all giddy, especially my comp. Ha-ha. He is funny. Nothing out of the normal happens here, so it was a special occasion. 
We got our travel plans, I am leaving the MTC on Wednesday.  Any letters have to get here on Tuesday, Dear elders by Monday. Everything else, send it to Fresno at the mission home. I don’t know where I will be living yet. We had a travel plan "party." It was a no sound party. Ha-ha. Elder West got sick on Friday, so we stayed in the resident hall on Friday morning. That was good to get extra study time. O we convinced Elder Petersen, the tall one at 6’8”, that a snipe was real on Monday. Ha-ha, way funny. We might be going snipe hunting soon. Ha-ha.

I was in choir again on Tuesday. We got recorded on some African missionary film thing, so I might be in some movie. The Devotional was about the Book of Mormon. It was way good like always. The spirit is way strong here in the MTC.  Well, that is my week. Sorry it is not long.