May 2011 to May 2013

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MTC Records

This week has been a very non interesting week. I have gone to class, studied, ate and that is about it. I am continuing to teach my progressive investigator, Jonathan, we are making good progress on him. He is going to church, loving it and really interested in everything we say. It is really great. 

Another teacher left because he had a lot of things going on with his family. This was early last week, forgot to put that into the letter. So we have had lots of subs. But I like subs; they bring in a new way of looking at things. It is great. We have had 13 teachers, subs and real teachers, at my time here. I think that is an MTC record. Ha-ha. People usually just have 2 teachers, with subs maybe 4.  Our teacher on Saturday just forgot about us and never showed. That was funny, but we just studied more.

I am ready to get out into the field, but I need these 2 weeks more of studying and learning Spanish.  
As a side note, the gym has been closed for refinishing, which also means no basketball for a couple weeks. I have been playing soccer. O boy, I should have taken lessons from my brothers before I came. I will be glad when the gym opens up on Monday again.

The fireside was on repentance was really good!! The devotional on Tuesday was about Christ and what he did for us. It was soooo good. Everything here is so spiritual.