May 2011 to May 2013

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Want to Know More

This week we have been carrying around a Book of Mormon everywhere we go. It has been great to see the miracles coming from that. One really cool experience, well they were all cool, but this one was really cool. There was this high school kid walking down the street. It was just him. He was a big football player type kid. We stopped and talked to him. He was super nice and on his way to mow his grandmother’s lawn. We talked to him a little about our message, then, my companion for the day (we were on exchanges) gave him a Book of Mormon. My companion for the day had just been out for 3 weeks, so he was pretty fired up. We all set an appointment for the next day, Sunday. Of course, this boy being so ready for the gospel, Satan would try to stop us from getting there, and he did. My companion (Elder Rodriguez, my real companion) got two flat tires right after church, when our appointment was supposed to be. We called in the reinforcements, the members. We got two members. My companion went to go fix his bike with one member and I went to the appointment with the other. It was a really good lesson. The member who was with me is very missionary minded. David, the investigator, had already read 5+ pages and it had not even been 24 hours since we met him last. So that was crazy and really cool. At the end, we asked him how he felt. He just said, “I want to know more.” We testified of the Holy Ghost and ended the lesson. It was super good, and he is a super cool kid.