May 2011 to May 2013

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We're the Super Servants!

This week I was able to have a really cool experience talking to everyone on the street. This experience showed me the importance of talking to everyone, as well as how much we need the members to set good examples and open their mouth to share the gospel with people. We were biking to dinner and we were just about there and the across the street neighbor was outside walking with his kids. We stopped and talked to him, and listened to the kid talk about who knows what. The topic kept switching. But we started talking to him about the gospel a little and about Jesus Christ and faith and all. We found out he knew the member family across the street pretty well. So we asked him if we could come by; he said yes. Then we asked him a time that would be good, and he said he was busy all week, then paused, and said except Thursday. I said, name a time and we will be at your house. So he said 6:30. We now have this awesome appointment with a friend of a member. When we told the member family, they were in shock, both that he said yes and that they had not got their before us. It was kinda funny, but they are real glad we are going over.

It has been a good week with everything else, too. It is cool to see how the Lord’s work keeps moving forward in the areas where the Members do their best to help the missionaries. I have learned one thing on my mission. I always have thought, through my whole life, that missionary work is the missionary’s job and that the members need to help when the missionaries need help. But I have learned on my mission, it is supposed to be the opposite. The Members are the missionaries, while the full time missionaries are the teachers and supporters of the members. We are like the super servants that are on call 24/7. Yes, missionaries do find and they do a lot of the dirty work because we have to keep busy.

It is great to be a missionary at this time, with everything that is going on and all the help we have with technology and all.