May 2011 to May 2013

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Helping Out in Little Ways

This week has been a good week. This new area is interesting. I have never seen so many people who are just not all the way put together. I feel bad for them, and we try to help them out in little ways. For one guy, we give him a different pamphlet to read every time we see him; soon we are going to run out of pamphlets to give him. We already gave him the Word of Wisdom one. The best thing about it is he loved it. He said this is how I need to live my life, not smoking or drinking. It was kinda funny.

Another person we help out is quite amazing. He is all the way there in his head, but he just can’t move. We were given the name of this lady to go help by some members. She has a son who is 30 something and he got in a bad car accident when he was 20ish. It clipped his brain stem, so he can still think clearly and understand everything, but he can’t move any part of his body. We help him do some stretches, because his muscles are all tight. We help him move his arms and stand up on a board that holds him up to move his legs and all that stuff. So it is a great help. He can move a bit by himself, but he is still on a hospital bed all day, every day. It is really sad.

We have also found this amazing family. Elder Rodriguez and the other missionary who was here found him first, but never got in to teach him. We finally got in to teach him. His wife was not home, but we just taught him the Plan of Salvation. It was great. He grew up Southern Baptist, but did not like it, because if you did anything bad you went to hell. And he believes in a God of mercy. So we explained the Plan of Salvation he said, "Well, that is what I have believed my whole life." It was great. He also accepted a baptismal date for a month from now. It was super cool!! They are a great family.