May 2011 to May 2013

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You Just Have to Have Faith

Well I am now going to my 6th area, Selma! Ha-ha. I will have been in more areas than a lot of missionaries are during their whole mission. I am excited though.

This week in Atwater has been a good week. We have been able to get some of our investigators that were not so committed to make commitments to things. If they do them, it might be a different story (that I will never know the answer to). It is the weird thing about a mission; it is like starting your life over every time you move. And I have a lot of restarts. I don’t know if that is all good? Ha-ha. No, it is just what the Lord wants me to do; so I am doing it.

This week’s story is of this man named Israel. He moved to LA, then San Jose, then back here. We got to teach him again. He has been super interested in what we teach because he wants to better his life. He has some drug problems, and also some other problems, but it is cool to see his demeanor change when we talk to him about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is awesome to witness the change that goes into people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope he gets baptized in the next couple of months.

One more story: There is one story that is super cool. So, this lady pulled us over and asked what we were doing, if we were salesmen or church people or what? We explained to her, and at the same time in our district we were carrying a Book of Mormon with us everywhere we went, so we explained the Book of Mormon and what it is and gave her a copy. A couple days earlier we had talked to this guy watering his yard. We talked to him about the Book of Mormon as well. We went over to go see how they were doing. We found out that these two people, who we had met separately, were in fact husband and wife. Way funny. They put the pieces together when the wife walked in the house with a Book of Mormon, the same book we had given the man. They want us to come over this Friday. You are right. There are people who have been prepared. You just have to have faith to find them and they will find you.

Everyone have a great week.