May 2011 to May 2013

Monday, August 8, 2011

I Love This Place and the People

So this week has been a good week. It was a good first full week here in California. It has not been too hot, but just right. On Tuesday we got to meet a new investigator, Jake. He is super interested and it is great to teach him. We had a really good lesson with him and so that is good. (I don’t know days anymore and I forgot my journal that I usually write from, so it is just going to be good stories throughout the week.) So we taught Jake twice this week and we are teaching him again tomorrow. He is really cool. He is about 20, so our age, and has a Mormon girlfriend. Miguel is another investigator. He speaks Spanish. I am getting to the point that I can understand most Spanish, just it is hard to speak it. I am really slow, but I am alright. So Miguel, he is having a hard time with his family. We are teaching him about faith and trying to get him to church. I have spoken a bit of Spanish to him and he understands me, so that is good. On Wednesday, we had a meeting with the Spanish Branch and we were planning an activity for Saturday. All they could talk about is who is making the beans, what kinda of beans and how much beans; it was so funny!! Martha Solis got confirmed yesterday. She is doing great. So on Saturday, I was at the Spanish Branch party from 12-4:30, then I went on splits and went to a Tongan party (one of their family members is getting baptized). That was fun, but I had so much food. I have never eaten that much food in one day. Latino's and Tongan's know how to feed you. Ha-ha. I love this place and the people. I have not ate any weird food yet, just a lot of hot Mexican food that I love. It is good to eat spicy food again. Ya, so that has been my week, a lot of bike riding and talking to people everywhere. We have done a lot of service this week too. I put concrete between the window and the wall of the outside of a lady’s house and mowed a lawn. We got free peaches and apple pie, which was cool.