May 2011 to May 2013

Monday, August 29, 2011

Agua de Sandia

More on the story from my quick message last week: So two weeks ago I went out with one of the priests after district meeting and we went tracking. We found one guy who said, “Where is your church I want to come.” We set a date with one of Edmil's (the Priest) friends to be baptized. Both ended up falling through. The baptism was cancelled because his mom said we could not teach him, and the guy never came to church. 

We started tracking in the poor part of town with all the Hispanics. They are all welcoming us in to teach them. So that is great!! We have not had any baptisms yet, but it is great because we have found a lot of good people.

I went down to Fresno for a meeting on Aug. 19th. That was way fun. It was a meeting with all the greenies; so it was fun to see everyone again.

I have cooked a ton this past week and a half or so. Some things have ended up good, others not. French toast was not so good and Agua de Sandia was good. Other dinners were good. It has been fun too cook when I have time. The key is when I have time.

Jake finally came to church; so that was cool. He really liked it. He is getting close to be ready for baptism, if his mom gives him the go ahead. He does not want to break family bonds. We are teaching this older man, his son just got baptized and he is seeing that our church is more and more right by himself. He is a Bible scholar and open to new ideas. So that is really cool. I love visiting with him.

I have been teaching about 50% Spanish, 50% English. We rode past a Mexican wedding and the band called us out and everyone waved at us. It was kinda funny. Ya that is pretty much my week and some funny experiences. O I also got to play basketball on Saturday night with one of our investigators. That was way fun. We played with all the priests in the ward. They are all Tongan. The Tongans are way fun to play sports with; they are always cracking jokes, and goofing off, and they love the missionaries.

Hey, I have a little more time, so here is some more about what is going to happen in the week to come. We are planning on teaching our investigators, focusing more on finding in the lower class area we have been in. One guy (the brother in law of the 1st counselor of the Spanish Branch) just let us in. When we knocked, we were invited in to eat watermelon. It was way cool. His name is Alonzo. There are a lot of others in that area, the Ramirez family, Ignacio, Jounir, Verdriana, and a couple others.

The Mexican food here is soooo good. O and I have a recipe for you for Agua de Sandia (or any other fruit). So fill the container about 1/4 full of water then put sugar in the water until it is sweet. Then cut up watermelon and put it in the blender until it is water. I like it with a little bit of chucks, but it is good with no chucks too! Then make sure it is cold; it is not good warm. Hope you like it. It is super easy to make!

Hope everyone is having a great time and ready to start school.
Love, Elder TJ Melanson