May 2011 to May 2013

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Here, There and Everywhere

This week has been a super good week. We have been all over. We cover 4 cities and they all have work that needs to be done, so we are here, there and everywhere. Which is crazy!

Also, we have done some weird stuff as missionaries this week. One day we went over to this investigator’s house. He just moved in, so he was doing a deep cleaning of his house before he moved all the stuff in. The crazy part is he wanted us to bleach everything in the house, the walls, the floor, each of the cabinets in the kitchen, everything. So that took a while. After that, we shared a message with him and now he has a plan to be baptized early next month. So it is really cool how we have found people, especially the people the Lord has prepared. 

Last night, we found a family that had talked to missionaries, but moved. So the missionaries dropped them, but now they are back. We had plans to go visit a less active, but instead, we found this family because the less active member was not home. So that was really cool. 

We also had a member bring a friend to church and we will start teaching him in a couple weeks, with the member. So the work here in Selma is just booming. It is really cool to see. I hope I get to stay here a little longer.  The trend has been that I leave an area after one transfer; that would be sad. But I will see what happens. The Lord knows where I need to be.