May 2011 to May 2013

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Enjoying Lots of Service

So this week has been a good week and it has been a long one, too. We have been doing lots of service, which kinda gets me all confused about which day it is. This next week we have a really cool service project we are doing. We are helping one of the members fall his big tree in his yard. That should be fun.

We found this guy about two weeks ago named Oscar. He is a way cool guy and he was semi interested the first time he talked to us, but the next time we came over he was way interested. He even stopped watching the Olympics to come and talk to us. It was great to see how the Spirit works. He told us he wanted to know how to have eternal life and he would do anything for it. That was kinda his big question "how do I get eternal life with my family?" It’s cool that we found him on the street as we were just talking to everyone.   I have found that is the key to finding people; it is just doing what you can by talking to everyone you see.